Careers Information

At Cockburn Laurence Calvert Academy all students receive a range of careers information through their form time activities, PSHCE / Citizenship lesson and assemblies.

Careers information may include employer talks in assemblies, employees individual accounts on their career journey, online career searches to find out about different career opportunities to, information on Apprenticeships and information regarding students’ next phase of their education from Colleges and Universities. Many specific careers based events or activities are organised either in school or off site.

The Careers team is made up of PSHCE / Citizenship teacher, a member of the CSG team, a Guidance, Aspirations and Wellbeing Coordinator, an Independent Careers Adviser. Students can also access the Careers section of the Learning Resources Centre to find resources and undertake online career searches.

The impact of the careers programme is demonstrated by:

  • Regularly complete a careers audit which rates the school offer against the Gatsby benchmarks – a measure of the DfE’s statutory requirements for careers guidance.
  • Internal destinations measures e.g. ensuring all students apply for at least two post 16 options, have a CV, Record of Achievement and a personal statement.
  • Analyse Academy Performance published NEET figures.