Covid 19 Updates 

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Covid MAT Risk Assessment

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As you will be aware, due to Public Health England’s guidance on the Coronavirus outbreak, we have had to cancel all planned immunisation sessions within schools for the foreseeable future.

We are awaiting Public Health England guidance as to when these immunisation sessions will be rescheduled.

The immunisation sessions we have cancelled in your school affect those pupils in Year 9 (School Leaving Boosters) and the 2nd dose of HPV for all children in Year 8. We are unsure if PHE will want these immunisations to be caught up within this academic year or whether they may ask us to catch them up in the next academic year.

Please be assured that once we get direction from PHE regarding resuming these sessions, we will be back in touch to try and arrange a convenient date for you.

If you have any queries in the meantime, please get in touch with the team via email at: (Please note that we are not taking telephone calls at this moment in time).

Chat Health and 0-19 Team

Please can I also remind you of the Chat Health service that is available for all young people who may have any worries about their physical, mental or emotional health. If you have any Young People that would like to use this texting service, please give them the details in the poster attached.

Also due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the 0-19 team are running a reduced service for families. Please also find an attached poster which shows what services are still currently running and available. If you have any queries for the 0-19 team, please call the Single Point of Access on 0113 843 5683.