Year 6 Transition

Welcome to the Year 6 Transition page. Whether you are a parent/carer or student, you can access information and useful resources about transition from primary to secondary school from this page. Cockburn Laurence Calvert Academy will begin with Year 7 and is uniquely placed to ensure a supportive transition for every student that joins us.

Message from the Executive Headteacher David Gurney   

It is a pleasure to welcome you to Cockburn Laurence Calvert Academy as we prepare to open our doors for the very first time. Our vision for the academy is ‘Transformation to Excellence’, characterised by the relentless pursuit of securing an outstanding education and outcomes for all. This is the beginning of the journey for Cockburn Laurence Calvert Academy and we are committed to creating a truly excellent school for the community it serves.

The Multi-academy Trust’s popularity and reputation is based upon academic success and a disciplined, positive and engaging learning environment. Our Values and Expectations are the foundations of all our schools and Cockburn Laurence Calvert will be the third  secondary school to drive these forward in the south Leeds area.

The school experience should be more than the teaching of academic subjects, therefore we encourage and support students to take advantage of a much wider offer. The strong academic side is well balanced by a rich variety of extra-curricular activities and a wealth of arts and sporting opportunities for all. The personal development of students centres around the Form Tutor, with support from our Care, Support and Guidance Team where required. 

We are aware that the past 18 months have been a time of uncertainty and disruption, but please be assured that our transition team will support your child’s transition to secondary school so that it is as smooth and as enjoyable as possible to enable them to begin their secondary education with purpose and clarity. 

Mr D Gurney
Executive Headteacher

Meet Cockburn Laurence Calvert’s Transition Team

Mrs N Menzer Assistant Headteacher Attendance, Behaviour, Inclusion

My role at Laurence Calvert will be Assistant Headteacher and teacher of PE. I have been a teacher for 16 years.  Throughout these 16 years, I have taught PE at both other Cockburn schools alongside working with the pastoral teams. I am currently Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for behaviour and attendance at Cockburn John Charles Academy. I have always loved PE and sports, from playing rugby, netball, and football to competing in athletics. I enjoy passing on this love of physical activities to all the young people at school. It is always great to see school sports teams succeeding and the pride of the students to represent their school. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, again spending time taking part in physical activities such as mountain biking or walking but also watching them play football or dancing. I’m really excited to be part of setting up the new school and develop outstanding students.


 Miss R Jones  SENDCO

My role is SENDCO at Laurence Calvert, which means I will be ensuring that students with special educational needs get the provision they need to help and support them at school. I am very excited to be joining CLCA as SENDCO and one of my aims is to ensure that students can access the learning in all their lessons. In addition to this, I will also be teaching English. English is a subject I am very passionate about as I believe that reading is one of the most powerful tools that can help students become creative, articulate and successful citizens. This means that in my spare time you will find me in a quiet place getting lost in my imagination as I read!




Miss C Walker Head of Year

Miss Walker is an experienced Head of Year who is supporting Cockburn Laurence Calvert Academy students with transition during the summer term.

Miss Walker will be liaising with primary school staff and Year 6 students to ensure that students are prepared and feel confident about starting in September. Miss Walker will be working with Mrs Menzer and Miss Jones as part of the transition team.



Cockburn Laurence Calvert’s Transition Team are responsible for supporting all of our founding students make the step from primary to secondary school and ensure that the change is as smooth, successful and enjoyable as possible.

Transition Events 2021

Transition Day Wednesday 7th July 2021

This event is for students within the school day to meet Cockburn Laurence Calvert Academy staff and have experience of secondary learning.

Transition Evening Wednesday 14th July 2021

This event is for students, parents and carers to meet Cockburn Laurence Calvert Academy staff, receive important information about starting in September and give parents/carers and students the opportunity to ask any questions or discuss any information about your child ahead of September.

Key information

Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum provides students with exciting learning experiences that are designed to fit the needs of all. The curriculum is broad and balanced giving students a wide range of subjects to study in depth to ensure they are in a strong position to make informed choices for the next stage of their education. Students study; maths, English, science, Spanish, geography, history, RE, PSE, art, drama, dance, music, technology, computing and PE.

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Academy Site

Seeing Cockburn Laurence Calvert Academy become a reality so quickly is really inspiring. The Academy is being built in 2 Phases: The Phase 1 Academy building will be ready for students joining the academy in September 2021. Watch the process from the architect’s initial designs to a fully functioning building on this page. We can’t wait to see the finished result and start inspiring our students in 2021.

Click here to go to our Academy site Phase 1 page

Timing of the Academy Day  & Term Dates

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Uniform & Equipment

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child buy breakfast at school?

Yes, breakfast will be available to buy from 8-8:25am, as well as at morning break.

How does my child buy food at school?

Parents/Carers will be given an online account to top up students’ accounts. This means that instead of cash, biometric identification is used. This helps to keep queues moving faster, allowing students more time to eat.

Can my child use their phone at school?

Cockburn Laurence Calvert Academy operates a no phone policy, if a phone is visible i.e. seen through a pocket, is out on school grounds (in the building/playground) the phone will be confiscated. Arrangements will have to be made for a Parent/Carer to collect the phone. We understand that students may wish to have their phone with them to and from school, their phone should be switched off and placed at the bottom of the student’s school bag as soon as they arrive to school.

Where can I buy uniform and PE kit?

Uniform can be purchased using the following link  uniform page

Will my child be in a form with their friends from primary school?

We will do our best to liaise with primary schools to place students in forms, however it is not always possible for students to be matched. However, where there are numerous students joining Cockburn Laurence Calvert Academy from a primary school, we try to ensure students are in a form with a familiar face. Our Form Time activities will support students make friendships and settle in quickly.

Who can my child go to for support when they start in Year 7?

Your child’s Form Tutor will be the main point of contact as they will see them every day. There will also be a Head of Year who will deal with any issues including any behaviour incidents. The Head of Year will reward those with the best attendance, track attendance and place intervention for students with poor attendance. The SENDCO will work with students who require extra support and provide interventions where necessary.

Useful Websites

BBC Bitesize

This link will provide you with some useful hints about starting secondary school.

Young Minds

Young Minds have created a resource that reassures children that they’re not alone when it comes to their worries about secondary school, that there are ways to cope with change and there are people to talk to when things get difficult.