Academy Site Phase 1 - Sept 2021- July 2023

The Academy was built in 2 Phases: 

The Phase 1 Academy building opened for students joining the academy in September 2021. Watch the process from the architect’s initial designs to a fully functioning building on this page. The site was developed further in preparation for the September 2022 intake. We moved out of our Phase 1 site at the end of Summer term 2023 ready to move into our Phase 2 building. 

Please view the progress of The Phase 2 Academy building on the Academy Site Phase 2 page of this website.

July/August 2023: We closed our doors for the last time on this site.  

We packed up and moved out the Phase 1 building ready to move into the Phase 2 academy building and our forever home. We cant wait to see it finished! 

July/August 2022:  The summer expansion programme has taken place with the installation of 6 brand new classrooms, an ICT suite and new Science Laboratory. We are really excited to be welcoming our second cohort of students and our founding cohort of students to the academy in September. 

March 2022 : Further works are taking place this month to extend the playground in preparation for the summer term and the new intake of students in September.  

January 2022 : The playground has been resurfaced providing an improved social space for students at break and lunch times. 

December 2021: We have had a fantastic new canopy installed at the student entrance to keep the rain off as students arrive to school.

September 2021 : We are open! 

We are incredibly proud to announce that Cockburn Laurence Calvert Academy is officially open! We had a fantastic first day meeting our new students and touring the new academy building. 

September 2021 : Our academy is so close to being ready! We are getting really excited to welcome our founding cohort and start this exciting journey together. 

Phase 1 site finished

August 2021: More exciting news, the building is now all in place and work is well underway inside to get the classrooms ready for opening. Our team of site engineers are busy fitting workbenches, science laboratory benches and food technology stations into classrooms.

July 2021 :  Exciting news! The first sections of the building were delivered and lifted safely into place. 

Phase 1 site cabins being lifted

June 2021 : The road into the academy ground has been laid and the cark park area has been marked out. Further work to prepare for the arrival of the modular buildings has now been completed.

May 2021 : More progress is being made at the Phase 1 site as the outline for the building is beginning to emerge.

April 2021 :  Construction work on the academy site is underway with marking out the perimeter of the Phase 1 site and laying the foundations for the building. Earth is being shifted to create the new academy entrance, its great to see the progress that is being made.Phase 1 site grounds

March 2021 :  Construction work on the academy site is now beginning. Planning permission has been granted and the site has been cleared in preparation for the building works to begin.

February 2021 : Below are the architect’s impressions of the Phase 1 academy building to give you an idea of how Cockburn Laurence Calvert Academy will look in September 2021. The building programme will be in two parts: Phase 1 building will be built at one end of the site. 

Phase 1 site plan

January 2021 : The Phase 1 academy building site plan has been mapped out with entrances to the academy and main reception point.