Student Council

The Calvert School Council is a powerful body that is consulted on many aspects of our academy and plays a vital role in our journey – ‘Transformation to Excellence’.

Aims of the School Council

The aim of the School council is to provide a forum for discussion for students about issues which affect their school life. It involves every student in our academy and means that everyone can learn use their voice, knowing that it is listened to and demonstrates how democracy works.

Student Representation

In September of each year, students are invited to complete an application form expressing their interest in leadership and democracy. Students are elected to form the Student Council, preferably one male and one female. At the first meeting of the Student Council, voting for the Head of the Student Council is undertaken.

Work of the Student Council

The Student Council represents the views of students and brings ideas and suggestions to make a positive change for students, for the academy, for the community. ​​​​​​​

The Student Council will meet regularly to discuss: 

  • How students can be empowered and have the ability to make a change
  • How students can develop confidence and assertiveness
  • How students can take responsibility
  • Making the student voice heard
  • Learn about democracy and leadership

2023-23 Student Council Representatives

Year 7 Student Council 

7DAB - Austin McCulloch & Scarlett Hunter 

7CB - Lily-Sue Wheater & Harriet Meades 

7AH - Callum Partridge,  Gabriela Haizel & Stanley West 

7SM - Howell Anderson 

7TB - Yuvraj Patel & Lewis Stead 

7JC - Milena Plago  

7AM - Laiba Ali 


Year 8 Student Council 

8AHE - Amy Grit & Kunashe Tavaziva 

8AT - Brooke Jackson & Tyler Dennison 

8IP - Gabriella Hinton 

8MF - Lilli-Eve Fowler 

8MDA - Rosie Smith 

8BB - Ryan Hathaway-Evans 


Year 9 Student Council 

9SE - Eadie Pitts & Roderigo Barbosa 

9CBR - Ellis Dove 

9CW - Emmanuel Mensah & Harvey Silverwood 

9JH  - Parisa Zarina