Behaviour / Exclusion Policies

Positive Discipline for Learning is a system that focuses on rewarding good work and behaviour whilst having a strict and consistent approach to discipline.

PDFL policy

Suspension and  Exclusion policy 

Anti-Bullying policy 

Anti-Racism policy 

Extremism and Radicalisation policy 

Behaviour Policy General Principles

Governors and staff are committed to providing a learning environment which empowers students to have the following values to be:

  • responsible
  • resilient
  • respectful
  • aspirational
  • independent 

Standards of behaviour in the Academy are governed by our collective actions; we depend upon each other. All staff have a professional responsibility to follow the guidelines set out in this policy. This document sets out the framework of the Academy’s approach to encouraging good behaviour known as ‘Positive Discipline for Learning’.  It is expected that agreed alterations and modifications will be made by the PDFL committee.  At all times staff will be made fully aware of such changes.

Promoting Positive Relationships and Good Behaviour

We aim to promote a happy, positive atmosphere where learners benefit from positive relationships with other students and staff.  Students respond more positively and are easier to teach and manage when teachers actively foster positive relationships based on trust and mutual respect.  We do not want the Academy to have a repressive ethos as we know this can damage mutual respect. It is the responsibility of all staff, not just teaching staff, to promote good behaviour.  Staff are role models in this process and we demonstrate the behaviour we expect from students by the way we behave towards both them and our colleagues.  High expectations must be at the heart of everything we do. We influence the actions of students by both our direct communication with them and through our observed actions, i.e. the pride we show in our dress, the way we move around the Academy and our positive verbal and body language (including our facial expressions) are all crucial in fostering the desired responses from students. In order to promote good behaviour we aim to develop the following expectations in our student so that they can:

  • be positive
  • be polite
  • be prepared
  • be punctual
  • have pride


At Cockburn Laurence Calvert Academy we strive to provide all our students with a safe, secure, and happy environment in which to learn, to express themselves and to develop as a person.

We expect high standards of behaviour and encourage our students to develop into responsible and valued members of the community who can build and sustain good relations with others.

Our Anti-Bullying Strategy is underpinned by our Positive Discipline Policy (behaviour) as well as our Anti-Bullying Policy. These documents can be found using the links above.

Click here for the Anti-Bullying Alliance 

Below is a summary of the actions that will be taken to create an environment where bullying is not tolerated. 

Focus Approaches and Strategies  
Creating a Culture where bullying is not tolerated

Our Values and Expectations - Respect, Responsibility.

Culture of Respect in lessons and moving around the academy building.

PDFL policy & Anti-Bullying policy

Student Council

Raising the awareness of Anti-Bullying through the Curriculum

Academy Values and Expectations 

Assembly Programme 

Form Time Programme 

PHSCE Curriculum 


Interventions following a bullying incident

Safeguarding/Pastoral Support 

Reporting of inappropriate behaviours via CPOMS

Inclusion support for students 

Parental/carer follow up calls/meetings 

Positive Discipline for Learning policy 

Interventions from CSG Team